Judy Solano running for Colorado State Senate

Former state Rep. Judy Solano (D-Brighton) is preparing to run for Colorado State Senate District 24 in Adams County to replace term-limited Sen. Lois Tochtrop.

Solano, a former teacher, focused on education issues during her tenure in the State House. She is an avowed opponent of student testing and school evaluations. Solano introduced bills nearly every year while in office to erode the ability of parents and state regulators to gauge classroom performance.

In 2009 she played a key role in killing legislation that would have required school districts to place their budgets online, allowing taxpayers and parents to see how their money was being spent. The Public School Financial Transparency Act passed the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support on a vote of 26-8 but was killed by the House Education Committee, on which Solano served, before having the chance to receive a full honest vote in the House. [1]

Solano, a former union member and major beneficiary of union campaign contributions, colluded with the effort to kill the Public School Financial Transparency Act following an intensive lobbying campaign by union-affiliated groups.[2] Despite considerable Democratic support for the bill, Solano and the Democrats on the Education Committee took unusual procedural steps to thwart the Democratic Speaker of the House from having a chance to reintroduce it.

Solano has yet to announce a campaign platform, but her record shows that her priorities would be to reduce transparency in education and to support union interests at the expense of students and parents.