Mike Maday to challenge Michael Merrifield in Colorado Springs senate primary

Michael Merrifield's campaign for Senate District 11 in Colorado Springs has attracted its first Democratic primary opponent. Mike Maday, an Obama organizer and social worker, will be running against Merrifield.

Maday was an early booster of the Obama campaign and was a key organizer for it in El Paso County. He now hopes to spin his position into a candidacy for State Senate and can be expected to run as a grassroots insurgent against Merrifield and will likely attempt to out-flank him on the left.

Much like his primary opponent, Maday also takes a dim view of gun owners and dismissed them as "gun nuts" in a particularly bitter screed he submitted to the Colorado Springs Independent titled "Making Gun Nuts Happy":

Let's be thankful we have a city council that sees to it the paranoid mentally ill and fanatic gun nuts feel comfortable and included in our community. Their policy of allowing lethal weapons of all types, unconcealed, concealed and partially hidden, in their own meetings, our public buildings, city parks, etc. ensures these sometimes marginalized groups can feel reassured packing heat everywhere.

Unfortunately some people are bothered by this progressive policy. Of course, whining is being heard from the usual enemies of freedom -- citizens attending City Council meetings regarding zoning changes, teachers wanting to take their students on field trips to city hall, golfers at city courses, parents with their kids at public pools and old people using our parks.

These wimps think that some of our armed citizens may get pissy and actually start firing some of their weapons, maybe blowing away innocent bystanders. This is not New York City. Thank goodness our City Council is brave enough to stand up to these pressure groups even though it might make it difficult for some people to vote for them next election.